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Expiditon 1

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:32 pm

The beginning of the universe was an interesting phenomena, an explosion of power and matter that has not been measured and has not been recreated. It defies the mind of man at every turn....

That doesn't stop us from trying though.

The development of FTL travel was the only thing holding the stars back from our grasp. Since then every star that has a colony has been connected to the grid through the massive jump gates that allow much larger jumps through space than the small jumpers connected to most personal ships. That being said Thousands of worlds have eluded humanity in the great grasp for space that marked the beginning of the second century after man colonized mars. This is where you come in. You have been contacted as a special offer to explore strange worlds using only limited tools. Though your backgrounds may vary, all of you have accepted and will be outfitted for your upcoming mission. When you pass through the scanning arch the computer will scan your vitals and imprint you into our system. No other form of identification will be required. So ladies and gentlemen, lets see who you are, then let the expedition begin!

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